Led P10 full indoor

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Led P10 full trong nhà

Bán LED Outdoor Indoor Full Color LED Display Module (P3, P4, P5, P6, P10, P16 SMD/DIP)


 ENBON The technology paramete of P10 mm LED module
Number Item P10
1 Pixel pitch 10mm
2 Size of  module 320mm * 160mm
3 Resolution of module 32 *16
4 Density of pixel 10000dots/m2
5 Pixel configuration 1R1G1 B
6 Red wavelength 625± 2nm
7 Green wavelength 525± 2nm
8 Blue wavelength 470± 2nm
9 Colors 16777216
10 Best viewing distance >10m
11 Horizontal viewing angle 140°/120°
12 power consumption 200w/m2 (average)
13 Brightness > 1000cd /m2
14 Gray scale 16bits color
15 Color temperature 6500k
16 Control method Synchronization & Asynchronization
17 Driving method  1/4 scan
18 Frame frequency 60Hz
19 Refresh frequency > 1500Hz
20 Working voltage AC220V/110V± 10%
21 IP grade IP65
22 Working temperature -20° C~80° C
23 MTBF > 10000 hours
24 Life span > 100, 000 hours
25 Defects rate. ≤ 0.00001(Led display line standard< 0.0001)

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